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about us

made in 2018

buonissima italia is the story of a passion for two countries: italy, where we born and grew up, and sweden, a land which we got to know during our travels and professional experience.

this is the reason why we created a food intermediation company, which would help italian producers to expand there market on swedish territory, preserving in every process the tradition and culture of italian food.


We were born in 2018, it’s true, but our friendship begins back in 1982.

Son of a buffalo breeder one, Giancarlo, and a farmer the other, Roberto, we grow up with bread, olive oil and mozzarella. Always been in love with everything to do with food and made in Italy. Within the years we are specializing ourselves in different branches: commercial and restaurant business (Osteria El patio, Alcudia), preserving always a common denominator: exporting all the good which is produced in Italy.


For this reason the project “Buonissima Italia” was born: helping Italian producers to expand  there market on Swedish territory, land that welcomed us, that we love and a land that constantly asks for high quality in food and raw material.

Our strength is our passion and local knowledge of our partners. Their stories, their sacrifice, their sweat and their passion which they put in the whole process of the production. The love for good things.


Are you interested about our products? We can offer to you the best quality italian food with the great price for your business.

Need some specifical italian food? Private label lines? Tell us your necessity. We find the better solutions for your offer.

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pride in each service


Studying and moving around the Country, our mission is find the italian food excellence. From the north to the islands. Everywhere.


Our partner companies have efficient, globally accepted best practice quality control departments, and who have been certified for the high quality industry standards (ISO, GMP, HACCP, BRC)


We offer the best italian food, but we aim to reach  the price points necessary  in your business to support you profit and organization.


When we choose some producers, one  of first question who we ask ourselves is if this product is a real and original italian taste for an italian. This is one of our condition.


One of our mission is to educate, form and develop the italian food culture in Scandinavian territory. This is the reason why, from 2019, we started one of the most appreciate Cooking class in Stockholm, with our chef, Luigi Inserra. More of than 100 classes in Oct-Feb period.

Numbers Speak For ourselves!

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qualified & certificated partner

the brands who have chosen us an exclusive representatives on swedish territory. their stories. the passion we share.


Chocolate from Modica, Sicily. The Modica's chocolate is a superb combination of pure cocoa and crystalized sugar. A unique chocolate taste.

Ciomod's chocolate is the first P.G.I. european chocolate certificated (*Protected geographical indication)

fierro oil-mill
-oil olive-

Genuine oil olive from Olevano sul tusciano, Campania. Fierro Oil-Mill is one of most hystorical oil-mill in Olevano, a small rural town in the south of Italy, specyalized into the italian oil production.
Winner of the UNASCO 2018 prize and Los Angeles gold medal in 2015 for the best oil.
The taste is organic, genuine, intense.


GranGusto by Finagricola, from Battipaglia, Campania.
It's the premium line of Finagricola, one of the best tomatoes and sauces producers in Italy. The “Gran Gusto” preserves are made with vegetables that are freshly sourced from local growers and feature a short supply chain.


Collebianco dairy from Battipaglia, Campania produce 100% buffalo mozzarella.
The characteristics of buffalo mozzarella have remained unchanged over time. Produced according to the traditional recipe, buffalo mozzarella is made using only milk, rennet and salt.
The PDO (*Protected Designation of Origin) label ensures a strict quality-control system.


D'Aniello's Pasta is one of the most hystorical pasta producers in Gragnano, Naples.

P.G.I. certificated, Gragnano pasta has an unique italian taste with only two ingredients, semolina and water and a lot of passion.
For an italian, Gragnano pasta is the best choice for their Sunday lunch with family.

michele ferrante farm
-beans & vegetables-

In an era of imitators, Michele Ferrante is a truce legacy farmer producing heritage products. On his farm outside Salerno, in Campania, Ferrante farms heirloom and uniques varietal beans grains, peppers, and spices.
Here he produces "Controne beans" a no-soak bean, typical of only this land, PGI italian certificated.

life is a combination of pasta and magic.

Federico Fellini